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I've written about a variety of personal finance topics on Enlightened Capital. This page serves as a landing page organizing my content by category. To learn more about me and my background, check out the About section of Englightened Capital. The first article in each section will be an overview or primer, with more advanced articles afterwards. 


Retirement Planning

Overview of retirement planning


Investment Vehicles

Asset Allocation

How to crush retirement planning

3% is the new 4% for retirement planning

Building Weath In This Environment


Saving for College

Overview of saving for college

How to save for college


Housing Affordability

Housing Affordability


Emergency Funds

Emergency Funds


Insurance Needs Analysis

Insurance Needs Analysis


Debt Management

Is it better to pay off your debt early or invest the difference


General Investing

My Investment Philosophy

Equities Primer

Fixed Income Primer 

Real Estate Primer

Asset allocation for different economic environments


Company and Sector Investment Analysis

U.S. Banks are an attractive investment opportunity

UnitedHealth Group Investment Analysis

Progressive Corp. Investment Analysis

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