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Will Social Security be available when I retire?

Will Social Security be available when I retire?

Many Americans worry that the social security trust fund will run out of money soon and that they won’t receive their expected benefits when they retire. Americans also are concerned that benefits will be dramatically reduced in the future, or that the full retirement age will be increased substantially. However, I strongly believe that social security will exist in its present form for many years to come. In this post we’ll explain how Social Security works, the major reasons why I expect social security to continue for a long time and some simple changes that could be legislated to fix the funding gap. Additionally, we’ll discuss how you can use this information to make your retirement planning more robust.

A Call to Action

A Call to Action

Do you also find that you are over consuming information? On reflection, I've noticed that a lot of what I read these days on Twitter or on the many blogs I frequent, is useless commentary on that day’s news or criticism and critiques of individuals, political parties, ideas, etc. While this analysis and commentary is interesting and feeds the dopamine receptors in the brain, at the end of the day what improvements do we notice in our lives from this massive investment of time? As far as I can tell, this over consumption of information has minimal benefits unless it leads you to take action to improve your life or the lives of others in a concrete way. That is why Enlightened Capital is focused on recommending specific actions you can take to improve your financial situation, or helping you reexamine your current financial situation and affirm that you are on the right track. Sometimes doing nothing is the right action to take!

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