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There are a milllion personal finance websites out there, what's different about Enlightened Capital? For one, I plan to have the best written content in addition to the most useful personal finance calculators and tools you can find online. My goal is to consolidate all of the great research and tools that are online, by building the site I wished was available years ago. For years I went to multiple personal finance sites to optimize my family's financial plan. Some sites had great written content, others had great calculators, but I never found a site that was great at both.


Additionally, I am a professional investor during the day and I bring that same analytical mindset to personal finance decisions. I've worked as an investment analyst for the last 7+ years, analyzing companies and making investment recommendations, directly impacting billions of dollars of client assets. I complemented my professional experience with an MBA in finance and I hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. My professional finance background also allows me to provide greater transparency around financial services, helping you to avoid overpaying for the financial products and services you need!


Finally, I emphasize long-term decision making more so than other personal finance sites. The FIRE (financial independence retire early) movement has strongly pushed the idea of retiring early. But that's not always the best path for you, and financial planning needs to be flexible to take account of everyone's unique situation. Some of us really enjoy our careers and don't plan on retiring early. Also, following the advice of that blogger who retired at age 34 likely won't work for you! It could involve taking more risk than you are comfortable with, or most likely, you won't have the same amount of luck. Don’t feel bad if your path differs from those who have retired early. The personal finance community is filled with survivorship bias. This journey is about creating a path and goals that work for you, allowing you to achieve your financial dreams! 


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